Do i need building regs to convert a Basement?


Converting a Basement into a habitable space will require Building Regulations approval even if it only involves a change of use of an existing Basement... The renovation of an existing habitable Basement, or the repair of a cellar that does not involve a change is excluded from Building Regulations.


How much does a Basement Conversion cost?


The average cost of remodelling a Basement is around £900 to £2000 per square metre. That cost will vary depending on a number of key factors, including the size of the Basemnt, any excavation or any underpinning work required. 


Are Basement Conversions worth it?


When extra space in the home is needed, basement conversions are worth a strong consideration and once complete will add significant valve to your property. The decision is far easier if you already have a Basement to work with and even more so if the foundations are strong and there is enough headroom.


Does my pump need a service?


Yes.the sump and pump need cleaning and checking for any faults every year, failing to do so could result in a failed system. The customer is liable for the basement failure if servicing is not done.